Help me Make the 2018 Ballot

The first and most important step to running for office is collecting petition signatures in order to qualify for the ballot. So I need your help today.

I'm running for re-election as the State Representative for Legislative District 29, covering Maryvale, South Glendale, and Litchfield Park. Candidates can collect petition signatures from registered voters on paper, and most recently, electronically. Signing electronically is quick, easy, and most importantly, completely secure. It only takes a moment but will ensure my name appears on the 2018 ballot for State Representative.

Click the link to visit the Secretary of State's official website. You will need your Driver's License to verify you live in the district. Once you confirm you're a registered voter, please select my petition and sign up! Thank you for your support!



Want a hard copy petition form delivered to your home? No problem - just fill out the form below and we will drop a petition sheet in the mail, delivered directly to the address provided.

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